We’re moving!

We’re moving!

Dear reader,

As part of our effort to make things easier for our members and other interested readers, we’ve decided to move our blog to our website.

Since its inception in December 2009, the NLA blog has been a standalone source of useful information for all to read. It will remain useful and available for all. However, we feel we can offer more value by linking our posts with everything else we do.

What does this mean for me?

Instead of visiting our WordPress site, you’ll now have to visit our main website: landlords.org.uk.

Our blogs will be found under the news and campaigns tab. We’ll be moving across our more popular blogs from this year, as well as adding some new blogs. This will be completed over the next few weeks. The WordPress site will be shut down next month.

For those of you who wish to be notified whenever we post a new blog, the best thing to do is sign up to our e-newsletter. You’ll then receive our blogs straight to your inbox, as well as updates on licensing and legislation, and practical advice.

What topics will we be covering?

We will continue to cover topics that are relevant to you, our readers. These include tips and guides for improving your lettings business and our views on regulations. If you have any ideas you’d like us to discuss, please let us know in the comment section below.

We hope this change will not cause you any disruption and you continue to find our blogs helpful.


The NLA team

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