Landlords’ mental health

Landlords’ mental health

Two years ago, our research* showed that a third of landlords had suffered from poor health, including stress, over their landlord lifetime. This isn’t something that gets talked about as much as it should.

Being a landlord can be stressful. You’re on call 24/7 and expected to solve problems immediately. And when you’re under constant pressure, that stress can manifest itself physically through headaches, sleeping problems and changes to appetite.

If you find yourself feeling stressed for a long period of time, the NHS has suggestions for managing your symptoms.

At the same time, being a landlord can sometimes be lonely – portfolio landlords particularly may not have the comradery of an office environment. Some (22% in 2016*) feel too embarrassed to admit they are a landlord due to the stigma attached to the occupation.

Feeling like part of a community can help as you can get to know other landlords who may have similar experiences. If you’d like to meet some landlords in your area, keep an eye out on the NLA website for regional meetings.

** NLA Quarterly Landlord Survey Q2 2016 (777 respondents)


If you need help:

Release the Pressure 0800 1070160

MIND 0300 1233393

Samaritans 116123 (24hr)

Rethink 0300 5000927

SANEline 0300 3047000

5 thoughts on “Landlords’ mental health

  1. Oh, I so agree. Have been totally stressed out by a tenant who had a cat, not allowed in lease, in our brand new flat. Cat was an indoor, male unneutered and has left a smell so bad the tenant asked to leave the property early! When asked about the smell from the flat tenant denied it existed. Loss of rental income and It has taken us weeks to get rid of the smell using a special pheromone cleaner. And Jeremy Corbyn thinks it is unfair that tenants shouldn’t keep pets!

  2. Let’s face it, Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t got a clue and neither has any other politician. I never thought of being a Landlord as being a stigma, as us decent Landlords are helping the housing crisis, yet the government continues to throw more obstacles at us.You certainly need a thick skin, determination and tenacity to be a Landlord in today’s current climate,

  3. Would the statistics be the same for a leaseholder who pays extortionate costs for housing with no return . More often than not continuously having to ask for repairs to be made, asking for general maintenance of a building, without any control. Landlords and management companies who avoid dealing with the situations.

  4. Being a landlord is certainly becoming extremely stressful. This government as well as Jeremy Corbyn have made it very clear that they are totally prejudiced against private landlords,and now it seems the courts or certainly Bristol County Court are following. It was my understanding that an Accelerated Possession Order was very much a formality as long as the Section 21 has been issued correctly. We have an ongoing case where the tenant is not making her top up each month and is now over £1000 in arrears with her rent. In her defence statement she told a pack of lies to the court stating that we had made her pay for repairs which is a total lie. If they had thought about it, if she could not afford to pay for her rent she certainly wouldn’t have been able to pay for any extras. Even though this tenancy commenced before 1st October 2015 the Judge has stated that they do not believe that we the claimants are entitled to a possession order or to use the accelerated possession procedure. Since the tenant moved in we have had new UPVC doors fitted, a new kitchen, a new combi boiler and several other smaller repairs, including having to have double glazed glass fitted to the kitchen window due to a “bird flying into the glass” and breaking it to pieces. We did not believe it at the time but we still had it replaced. We of course paid for all this work just as we do on all our rented properties, however this judge prefers to believe a dishonest woman who doesn’t even pay her way.

    No wonder there are so many homeless people about at the moment. When landlords are treated so unfairly then the government is going to find the situation is only going to get worse. We will obviously fight this to the bitter end and involve a solicitor if necessary. Once we obtain possession we will not be taking the risk of letting the property again. This has caused us too many sleepless nights. It is not worth it!

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