The Work of Landlords Associations: Listen now to the NLA’s latest podcast

The Work of Landlords Associations: Listen now to the NLA’s latest podcast

Landlord associations: what do they do? What support do they offer landlords? Are they the legitimate voice for landlords? And why have campaigns to prevent and roll back tax changes failed?

Richard Blanco gets answers from Richard Lambert, CEO of the National Landlords Association, Douglas Haig, Vice Chair of the RLA and Director for Wales, and Vanessa Warwick, landlord and founder of

What is the purpose of a landlords association?

The big question: why do landlords need associations? What do they provide that landlords can’t get anywhere else? Landlords can find themselves in a tricky situation, so what help can the associations give to either prevent the situation in the first place, or minimise its impact?

And how is the information provided? Is digital the way forward or is a personal touch what people want?

Are landlord associations the legitimate voice for landlords?

There are more than 2 million landlords in the UK, and with associations representing around six percent of the landlord population, so are they best placed to be the voice for landlords in the media and when lobbying government?

How can associations reach those who may not think of themselves as landlords?

Why have recent campaigns to lobby the Government failed?

Do associations do enough to prevent damaging government proposals such as section 24 tax changes, how exactly do they fight for the landlords they represent, and what are they doing to lobby policymakers on other issues?

The future of landlord associations

The world is changing, use of technology is increasing, the make-up of society is evolving, and political parties are facing enormous amounts of pressure to fix the housing sector. What will all of this mean for landlord associations in the near and not-so-near future?

Find out on this edition of Inside Property. To listen to the podcast please visit the website or download it on Audioboom and iTunes.

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