What might you learn by living in one of your rental properties for a week?

What might you learn by living in one of your rental properties for a week?

A lot can happen in one month, and since the General Election last June, there has been plenty to keep the newspapers occupied (from positive, horrific, and downright bizarre).

On a new episode of the NLA podcast, Richard Blanco is joined by property journalist Sarah Davidson of the Mail Online and Chris Norris, Head of Policy at the NLA, to discuss some of the latest news in private renting.

How the Other Half Lives

The recent airing of television series, ‘The Week the Landlords Moved In’, shows landlords taking up residence in their properties to see what life is like as one of their tenants.

While the series has focused on the more extreme examples in the interests of engaging television, it has naturally provoked discussion and debate as to standards and regulation in private accommodation.

Surprises at the Ballot Box

Theresa May’s Conservative Party lost their majority in the House of Commons, and while the party returned the most seats, they still finished up at the General Election in a considerably weaker position than when they had started.

In a bid to win back support from the electorate, the Conservatives used the Queen’s Speech at the opening of Parliament to propose a new policy for the private rented sector with potential populist appeal…

Cap on Rental Deposits

While the Government pushes on with its plan to ban letting fees to tenants, it also proposed a cap on deposits at no more than one month’s rent.

The decision to cap deposits was criticised by the NLA at the time for resembling a ‘political gesture’ that could have the unintended consequence of damaging access to accommodation for the very vulnerable in our society.

Grenfell and Fire Safety

An unavoidable topic but an avoidable catastrophe, the Grenfell fire has highlighted the importance of fire safety in housing across the country, not just in high-rises and social housing, but in private accommodation as well, and could well influence housing regulation in the future.

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