Are you being served?

Are you being served?

Landlords across the country may well have a degree of sympathy for Theresa May today as she triggers Article 50.

The Prime Minister is now facing the same problems a landlord often regrettably faces on a regular basis – doing something she didn’t ever originally want to do. Those that have sought repossession using S21 will have some understanding of the legal pitfalls she and her Government face as they ‘take back control’ and leave the European Union.

There are various legal questions for the ‘accidental Prime Minister’ to answer, especially one who leads a ‘Statutory Periodic Government’ and has never done this before.

Apparently we are delivering the letter outlining our intention to leave at 12.20, thus triggering Article 50.  Is this the correct way to serve / trigger it?

What happens if there is a typo in the letter and it isn’t properly worded?  Could a Judge or the European Court (or any court in a member state for that matter) throw it out?

If correctly served, does that mean she has until 12.20pm on 29 March 2019 to come up with a deal, or will it be 12.19.59 seconds?

These are just some of the questions she and her lawyers have to answer.  Unlike landlords, she doesn’t have our advice line she can call.

So yes there may well be some sympathy…

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