If you’re serious about appliance safety, remember to register

This is a guest blog from Douglas Herbison, Chief Executive at the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA)

This year, the appliance industry aims to reach out to all conscientious landlords in the hope that they will respect their commitment to their tenants’ safety by registering the millions of white goods that are in use in properties across the UK.

Whilst recalls or safety modifications are rare, landlords should remember that their tenants are running large, powerful electrical appliances in their properties; often daily and for many years. All tenants rely on the convenience of these products, but it is all too easy to forget about them. According to recent official estimates UK homes are currently using around 93 million (92.7m.) wet and dry large appliances. They are kept for ten or many more years yet, unlike cars, the vast majority are untraceable and have never had a health check.

The Register my appliance web portal was designed by Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) to make the task of registering quicker and easier for a busy landlord, who can register both new and older appliances.  By simply clicking on the brand logo the user reaches a data entry form linked directly to the relevant manufacturer, where the vast majority accept registrations of products up to 12 years old. Register my appliance is supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, as well as most safety and consumer groups.

In fact, Consumer Minister Margot James MP recently said, on Register my Appliance Day (19th January), that she herself used the portal to complete this, now simple, admin job. Alas, she’s in a minority as the latest YouGov survey for AMDEA has found that less than half (43%) of British adults usually register their large domestic appliances with the manufacturer.  Of those that don’t always register, 39% said this was because they forgot and 29% didn’t think it was necessary.  Potentially they all risk missing out on product safety warnings. This doesn’t bode well for a diligent landlord.

On Register my Appliance Day, reminders were sent to over 4 million consumers, landlords and tenants alike, reminding them that registering household appliances is a vital part of keeping one’s home safe.

It’s also vital that the tenant has the instruction booklet. User behaviour is a paramount factor in keeping appliances running safely. A landlord should have an effective system for responding to and dealing with any concerns that their tenants may have about appliances in the property. The YouGov survey revealed that 70% of GB adults with a fridge or fridge freezer, over ten years old, have never had a professional review or check to verify if they are safely connected or running correctly. Booking those safety checks should go hand-in-hand with registering. And these simple admin tasks should become second nature to any landlord who is serious about keeping their property safe and their tenants safer.

To register your appliance/s please click here.

For more information about AMDEA please visit the website.

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