Seven Tips to Prepare your Property in Winter

Seven Tips to Prepare your Property in Winter


Christmas is weeks away, Mariah Carey’s on the radio, and newspapers prophesise a cold snap to end all cold snaps, much in the same way as they have done for time immemorial.

It’s December, and as everyone is trying to figure out whether to put in effort with the presents or totally cop out with gift vouchers, it can be easy to forget about a subject that is just as exciting as eating and drinking yourself into a coma. Property maintenance.

Somewhat sarcastic, I’m aware. But in these cold months it’s important for both landlords and tenants that proper precautions are taken, as the weather can cause serious discomfort and may have expensive repercussions.

Below are the following tips that may help keep your home in order this holiday season, as well as avoid a hefty bill.

  • Prevent Frozen Pipes and Condensation

If vacating the property for the holidays, either leave the heating on at a low temperature or set a timer so that the house can stay warm and isn’t subject to temperature extremes. Maintaining a warm temperature will also help prevent condensation problems which can turn to mould and cause damage to paintwork, fixtures and fittings.

  • Keep the Property Ventilated

Condensation can be a real problem in cold weather, as it can lead to mould and other damage to the property. When cooking, keep a window or door open to make sure that warm air is properly circulated.

  • Bleed the Radiators

A great way to warm up your property is to bleed the radiators. This releases any trapped air, allowing hot water to fill every part of your radiator and warm the property more efficiently.

  • Know where the Stopcock is located

Find out where the stopcock is located, for if there is a burst pipe or other plumbing emergency then the location of this will be important to turn off the mains water supply.

  • Clear Gutters and Drainpipes

It is important to keep gutters and drainpipes clear and free of cracks to prevent overflows and water damage. If you are unaware of whether you have a responsibility to do this speak to your landlord if you think there is a problem which requires attention.

  • Contact Details of Landlord

Make sure you have an emergency number for your landlord to contact in case of an emergency and if repairs need to be undertaken urgently.

  • Be wary of Burglars

With many people visiting family over the festive season, thieves may see an opportunity to take advantage of unoccupied properties.

It’s important to take extra precautions to make sure that no expensive items are on display and windows and doors are securely locked and shut.

In addition, lighting timers can also be a good way to deter burglars but will require installation so best to consult with your landlord over this option.

We hope that by following these few tips you can avoid any problems this winter, whether you are staying at home or heading home for the holidays.


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