68,000 landlords can’t be wrong…

New to Buy-to-Let?

The business and practice of letting property can seem daunting for the first-timer. From changes in legislation, requirements and, of course, risks, the world of buy-to-let is not always straight-forward, and that goes for everyone – novice to veteran, small-time to full-time.

Whether you are planning for retirement, looking for an investment option with competitive returns or simply establishing a legacy for your children, there are plenty of reasons why being a private landlord can be highly rewarding.

  • Profitability

Over 8 in 10 landlords reported that they either made a profitable full-time living from their lettings income or that it helped supplement their regular earnings.

  • Quality Investment

7 in 10 landlords say that letting out property is better than other investment options.

  • Stable Yields

On average, landlords receive 5.7% in net rental income return over costs.

However, there are still many issues to be aware of, particularly when it comes financial planning and especially when it comes to the law. Staying abreast of legislation and budgetary considerations can often seem overwhelming. To get the most out of your lettings business and to avoid the pitfalls, it is important that you have the right guidance, support and resources at your disposal.

Get started as a landlord with the NLA

The best place to start is through membership of the National Landlords Association (NLA). The NLA is the UK’s largest landlord association, working with almost 68,000 landlords nationwide, helping them through their landlord journey, and representation at all levels of media and politics to help landlords achieve the very best.

As an NLA Full member, you will receive exclusive discounts and offers to our products, services, and training courses. You will also  be given the opportunity to voice your opinions on the issues that matter to you as a landlord, helping us to better represent you in how we communicate and influence media and policy. <can we plug in something on accreditation – may be just a sentence>

Ultimately, full membership of the NLA will enable you to gain a greater understanding of your rights and responsibilities, enjoy substantial savings, help us strengthen our voice and influence, and gain a competitive edge as a private landlord.

For more information on the NLA and how to become a member please visit the website here.

For an introduction to the world of private letting, the NLA’s advice hub Getting Started as a Landlord has a wide range of informative guidance and advice on various aspects of letting property, such as making the right investment, managing tenancies and cashflow, and expanding your business portfolio.

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