EU Referendum: Making your mind up!


With two days to go before the polls open it is make your mind up time on Britain’s future relationship with the EU.

NLA Public Affairs Officer, Matt Oliver talks us through the NLA’s referendum polling (with a little help from Cheryl and the gang)

As you know the NLA is a non-politically aligned membership organisation. We are therefore not taking a position on whether the United Kingdom should remain a member or leave the European Union as it would be inappropriate to do so.

We are therefore also not advising members how to vote, but we did poll them to see what they were thinking.

For the more apathetic of voters however, when polled, a key reason to vote is (believe it or not) the possibility that the UK could be thrown out of Eurovision.

That there comes a timefor making your mind up. 

According to our research, landlords are evenly split, with 35 per cent intending to vote leave and 35 per cent intending to vote to remain.  The news comes just days before the referendum, taking place on June 23, which will decide whether the United Kingdom will remain or leave the European Union.

And try to look as if you don’t care less 

One in three (30 per cent) landlords are still undecided about whether they will vote to leave or remain in the upcoming referendum on the European Union (EU).  It is perhaps hardly surprising our members are having trouble making their minds up given all the conflicting advice and claims from each of the respective campaigns.

And run for your money and take a chanceAnd it’ll turn out right 

Landlords were also divided about whether EU membership would be beneficial to their future business prospects, with 53 per cent believing that EU membership would be beneficial, and 47 per cent believing it would be harmful.

As our future participation in Eurovision is (apparently) so crucial in this debate, we looked for guidance in the lyrics.  Whilst least said perhaps about not letting your indecision taking you from behind, the composers were probably right when they wrote that “trust your inner vision, don’t let others change your mind.”

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