4G Freeview Interference – how will landlords be affected?

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What is 4G Freeview Interference?

New fourth generation mobile services, known as 4G, are being switched on across the UK. This is great news for mobile users, as 4G provides people with much faster data speeds and access to the internet on smartphones and tablets.

However, there is a small chance that some 4G mobile signals can cause interference to Freeview, which is received via an aerial. 4G signals sit next to the frequencies used by Freeview, so they can overload the receivers in TVs and set-top boxes causing interference.

Signs of interference include loss of channels or sound, pictures going blocky, freezing or the TV screen going blank or showing a ‘No Signal’ message.

How will landlords be affected?

Interference may present a problem for landlords who are responsible for properties with communal aerials.

While the vast majority of homes across the UK won’t be affected, viewers are being sent postcards advising them to contact at800 and tell their landlords should they experience Freeview interference.

As a result, it is possible that landlords may begin to receive reports of problems or complaints from their tenants.

What help is available?

Set-up under government direction, at800 offers support to those that rely on Freeview for their TV so that people can keep enjoying their favourite programmes.

If you are responsible for properties with communal aerials, and are aware of your tenants’ having problems with new interference to Freeview, you should contact at800 and register the details of the property or properties you manage.

at800 will provide a free communal filter – to you or your aerial contractor – which should be fitted to the communal aerial system and will enable viewers in all of the properties it serves to continue receiving and watching Freeview as normal.

Cable and satellite TV, like Sky or Virgin, won’t be affected. However, if tenants do have cable and satellite TV and also watch Freeview, free filters and advice can again be provided.

Landlords should contact at800 on:

For more information, please visit www.at800.tv

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