Queen’s Speech: Much Ado About Nothing for the PRS?

Queen’s Speech: Much Ado About Nothing for the PRS?

There was a decidedly mixed reception to the Queen’s Speech in the NLA office, a parliamentary ceremony that dates back to the 16th century, just before the birth of William Shakespeare.

Some breathed a high sigh of relief given ‘Measure for Measure’ the amount of legislative / political pounding the PRS has taken in recent months.   Some wondered if it was Much Ado About Nothing, whilst some wondered why it was being held at all, and that it was The Comedy of Errors – as after the referendum the agenda could well be thrown out the window by a new Prime Minister, possibly The London Prodigal.

Nothing new

All’s Well That Ends Well however, as no new major pieces of legislation affecting the PRS were included in the speech.  The full list of Bills can be found here https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/524040/Queen_s_Speech_2016_background_notes_.pdf

Perhaps the speech will most be remembered for the lack of polite small talk between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.   The Two Noble Kinsman strode side by side, but it was a case of Loves Labours Lost – and certainly not Romeo and Juliet – as Mr Corbyn (Capulet) didn’t say a word to Mr Cameron (Montague).

Back to business…

Government focus, certainly in DCLG, appears to be on bringing forward the secondary legislation, and drawing up the guidance constantly referred to in the Rogue Landlords aspects of the recent Housing and Planning Act.   This will include the database of criminal landlords and banning orders for repeat offenders. The NLA is meeting with DCLG officials next week to discuss these elements.

What to look out for

The NLA are however keeping an eye on two pieces of new legislation:

Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill – this includes references to compulsory purchase orders and neighbourhood planning conditions.

The Draft Law of Property Bill – appears to be the Government (belatedly) responding to the recommendations in the Law Commission’s 5 year old report entitled “Making land work: easements, covenants and profits á prendre (2011) to simplify the law around land ownership.”

In conclusion

…it’s a case of As You Like It for landlords, with a definite air of Much Ado about Nothing.

The NLA (or should that be Francis Bacon) will keep you posted.

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  1. With all the regalia they wear I’m surprised there were no yellow stockings cross gartered (Twelfth Night Act 2 scene 5). The Labour party leader certainly came in for some mockery in the following debate. Coriolanus for example is full of it…. Mockery that is.

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