Can you help home a Family of Refugees?

Citizens UK is urging landlords in the United Kingdom to consider the possibility of letting their properties to refugee families.

Conflicts in the Middle-East, particularly the Syrian Civil War, have contributed to a large-scale humanitarian crisis, and anyone who has paid attention to the news over the past year will be well aware of the influx of asylum seekers fleeing their war-torn countries for better lives in Europe.

The scale of the crisis is well documented. It is estimated that half of Syria’s pre-war population, more than eleven million people, have been killed or forced to leave their homes.

In response, Citizens UK has convened the National Refugee Welcome Board to raise resources to support the Government, local authorities and specialist providers to house refugees.

The British Government has committed to resettling up to 20,000 Syrian refugees in the UK over the next five years. The first have already arrived but there are many more to come that will need quality housing and assistance. The National Refugee Welcome Board hopes to resettle 50 people (around 12 families) in each local authority.

Can you help?

Not all landlords will be in a position to help, but for those that are willing and able, more information, including on how to register, can be found at:

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  1. I am a member of both NLA and Citizens UK.
    We are looking to house legal Refugee families with Visas in High Wycombe. I will be happy to hear from any landlord in S Bucks that wishes to help.

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