Where does the time go?

If you’ve got gas, you best get it checked

If I have to get my gas appliances checked annually, how many inspections will I need over a 12 year period?

12 Surely, one every year.

Maybe, but its quite likely to be 13.

Look at it this way, if you’re conscientious about making sure that you always carry out the inspection before last year’s report expires you probably end up booking it in a little early. Arranging times which are convenient for your tenants and when your preferred engineer is available can mean that you end inspecting gas installations up to a full month before you legally have to.

Assuming you do this every year, this year’s December renewal date becomes November next year, then October, September ….  and so on until before you know it you’ve sacrificed an entire year just by being conscientious.

Alternatively, you might always try to arrange inspections on (or as close to as possible) the renewal date – solving the problem.

The difficulty tends to arise if you have multiple properties with varying inspection dates – increasing cost and reducing efficiency – or worse still the possibility that a tenant does not allow access and you find yourself in breach of the gas safety regulations.

Hardly ideal either way.

Which is why the NLA has been working with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to identify possible changes to the regulations which might make it easier for landlords to comply – and reduce the costs of ensuring gas appliances are regularly inspected.

To this end we would like to see an ‘MOT style’ system introduced which would allow landlords to arrange for inspections at any time in the 2 months leading up to deadline, without sacrificing the renewal date. This is very similar to how car MOT tests currently operate and seems to work well.

i.e. if your MOT is due 15th May, but it is tested (and passes) on the preceding 29th of April, the new certificate retains the 15th May expiry date and there is no foreshortening of the inspection period.

Update: The Health & Safety Executive is now consulting on changes to regulations that will allow this ‘MOT style’ system.

The NLA will be responding to support the introduction of flexibility in the timing of landlords’ annual gas safety check.

Read more on the proposals here, and let the HSE know your thoughts by 27th January 2017.


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  1. Just filled in the Survey. Whilst it’s obviously important to gather informaion and opinions. I think a bit more thought should go into which questions are being asked of whom. Question 13 for example is not appropriate for landlords, who just buy a service. This question shoould be directed at the Gas Safe Engineers. In respect of this question, however, I would question the thouroughness of inspections, if 9 or more are done in the same day. Even if they’re adjacent properties, this must be something like 40 min/property.

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