Balls to the EU – will landlords kick us out of Europe?

Liverpool fan (and NLA Public Affairs Officer) Matthew Oliver gives his take on the EU Referendum

It was a bad week in Europe for British clubs with Liverpool and Man City the sole British survivors.  As a Liverpool fan I don’t care about the others frankly, especially as the Premier League is still likely to keep hold of its four Champions League places, BUT I digress…

On Thursday 23 June there will be a Referendum on whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union.

The NLA is a non-politically aligned membership organisation. We are therefore not taking a position on whether the United Kingdom should remain a member  or leave the European Union as it would be inappropriate to do so.

We have no idea how our members feel about this issue and to date have not polled them on the matter.  We are doing so in the next round of our quarterly surveys and you can participate here.

In the meantime we in the office have been debating how Brexit could affect the UK buy to let market and whether football could be an influencing factor in some people’s decision in how to vote.

Lets face it, the economic arguments for staying or leaving have been largely based on ‘Project Fear’. There may be some fluctuations in the share prices amongst major financial and building institutions, but then aren’t there now?  Are the storm clouds not circling now?  The Prime Minister has claimed mortgages would be more expensive but this has been criticised as fanciful.

So back to the national game and its possible impact on voting behaviour.  Of course the club football season will be long over.  However, the referendum falls right in the middle of the European Championships,  at the end of the group stages.  Apparently ‘Conservative High Command’ is banking on a wave of European togetherness and a good showing from the Home Nations.

Could the ‘Match of the Day millions’ swing it for Cameron, or will the only possible swinging be going on the MOTD studios if / when Gary Lineker presents the show in his pants?

Now I really digress…

Truthfully then it is hard to predict what BREXIT might mean for UK landlords.  Some might be looking in envy at our European counterparts who get more tax incentives from their respective governments to stay in the sector, hardly difficult to imagine given this Chancellor’s attitude towards the PRS.  Until we get the results of our polling (take part here ) then we don’t know for sure.

One last factor to consider is that there has been a large amount of speculation that a LEAVE vote would mean the Prime Minister would have to resign shortly thereafter, though he has repeatedly said he wouldn’t.  A leave vote would also mean every landlord’s favourite Chancellor’s chances of becoming Prime Minister would more than likely go up in smoke giving his support for the Remain campaign.

Perhaps that will be enough to make landlords says Balls to the EU?*

Legal Caveat.

*I stress again the NLA is a politically neutral Trade Association and has no position on either the EU referendum or the future leadership aspirations of the Chancellor, or anyone else.

Football Caveat.

*The NLA is equally committed to sporting neutrality – although the author may not be. 

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