Find out where the best Rental Yields are in London

This is a guest blog from Portico.

Portico has looked at the history of buy-to-let hotspots over the past few years, the current buy-to-let hotspots in London and an incredible amount of data, so we are able to tell you exactly which areas will give you the best return on your investment.

Property prices rise, yields fall

Over the past five years we’ve seen London house prices rise at a spectacular rate, powered by both overseas investment and record low interest rates. But with property prices at an all-time high, there are very few areas where you’ll find a great rental yield. Your investment may well be going up in value each month, but can you afford to stay in the buy-to-let business if the rent doesn’t cover your costs?

Portico has created an innovative rental yield map which can find the best rental yields in London at the click of a mouse. It enables landlords and investors to look at the granular data within each borough, to determine where the hotspots are in the borough itself.

How does it work?

Portico analyses property prices and data from several hundred estate agents in London, daily. They then combine the results with data collected over the past three months and compare it against their own internal company data, so that they have enough information to be able to make statistically reliable assessments.

This new and innovative calculator allows landlords to target their investment at postcode or street level. It’s now more important than ever that landlords do their research, and invest cleverly and with an open mind.

Portico Estate Agents have branches in Acton, Battersea, Bloomsbury, Camden, Clapham, Dulwich, Fulham, Hammersmith, Highbury, Islington and West Hampstead.

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