Have you registered your appliances?

By Douglas Herbison, Chief Executive, the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA).

This year, the appliance industry aims to ensure that landlords across the UK take the sensible safety measure of registering their tenant’s appliances at www.registermyappliance.co.uk.

This is a vitally important home safety measure. In fact, by failing to register landlords could be putting their tenants at risk as they may miss out on important safety notices concerning the appliances in their property.

Worryingly, even though there are over 100 million large appliances in use in homes across the UK, that are kept running a very long time, less than half (47%) of consumers registered the last product they bought.  Unlike cars, this leaves the vast majority untraceable if a safety action becomes necessary.

In fact, the appliance industry, who are investing thousands to keep the public in the loop about product safety, deem registration such a crucial issue that they are holding a Register My Appliance Day. On the 21st January millions of citizens will receive a safety message from their favourite brands, reminding them to register fridges, freezers and washing machines.

The industry want conscientious landlords to be aware that by registering they are safeguarding their tenants against any appliance safety recall issues. It’s never been easier to register and landlords can complete this quick admin job, at no cost, in one fell swoop.

The Registermyappliance.co.uk portal provides quick access to the registration pages of 62 leading brands and, once registered, owners can be contacted immediately in the rare instance a free safety repair or modification becomes necessary. All that is needed is the product’s serial number, found on appliance data plate (at front of ovens, at the entrance to the drum of washing machines and sometimes on the underside or back of smaller appliances).

Landlords should be particularly mindful if they are have unregistered older appliances. These trusty, older machines, which are in constant use, could suffer some unforeseen and potentially dangerous wear and tear.  Usefully the online safety initiative allows them to register many products that are up to 12 years old.

Ever since its launch in 2015, this important public safety campaign has garnered support that includes the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) as well as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), Age UK, Citizens Advice, Electrical Safety First (ESF) and local Fire and Rescue Services.

The Minister for Product Safety, Anna Soubry MP also recently expressed her support for Register my Appliance, encouraging everyone to invest a little time to register their products. In the interests of a tenant’s safety and a landlord’s peace of mind those few minutes online are time well spent.



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