Landlords are a social bunch

Did you know that three in 10 landlords visit property-focussed online forums on a daily basis? That’s a significant proportion.

A third of landlords say they visit such forums once every few days, a fifth visit once a week, and 10 per cent visit a few times per month.

The most referenced reason for visiting these forums is to obtain landlord advice and guidance (54%) and to keep up to date with general industry news (38%).

Interestingly, only a third (33%) say they use social media in a personal capacity, with the remaining two thirds (66%) using it for business purposes.

And at the time of the survey in 2013, the most used platform was facebook and linked in (both 50%), with only two in five landlords (40%) saying they had a twitter account.

Take our latest social media survey

It’s hard to believe that there aren’t more landlords engaging with social media and in particular twitter nowadays. As the largest landlord association the NLA is always looking to develop a better understanding of landlords and exploring new ways to engage with the landlord community.

So if you have a few minutes to spare and are willing to share your social media habits with us, then please take our latest survey here.



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