Mayday Mayday: Fire Safety

The NLA’s Richard Price shares news of two new fire safety videos.
The NLA’s Richard Price shares news of two new fire safety videos.

The NLA’s Richard Price shares news of two new fire safety videos.

Regular visitors to the NLA’s You Tube Channel will know that, with videographer Jon Smith, we have launched two new videos to promote and help explain the complex world of fire safety.

The first video details information and guidance on fire risk assessments, and types of systems, from the simple smoke alarm to the more complex. This should be viewed by all landlords. The second video goes on to explain additional fire safety considerations for larger Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

We hope that the videos will remind landlords of their duty of care to their tenants. The NLA recommends that landlords carry out regular fire risk assessments to identify what fire hazards exist, the level of risk to occupants and visitors and what can be done to mitigate and control risks.

The NLA highly recommends that all residential properties are fitted with a fire detection and alarm system. More complex systems are required for certain types of accommodation such as large HMOs or where vulnerable people are housed.

Landlords are also required to ensure any furnishings provided adhere to the fire safety standards and ensure the property has adequate escape routes.

With an increasing private-rented sector, landlords who take their responsibilities and duty of care to tenants seriously contribute a positive impact on the number of preventable injuries and fatalities caused by fire in the home.

To learn more about your fire safety obligations, visit the NLA’s Online Library at

The NLA provides a Fire Safety Logbook which will help landlords be aware of their fire safety responsibilities. It can also be used to record the significant findings of a risk assessment, log the regular tests undertaken, and includes a cut off notice of advice for tenants. Visit to purchase a copy.

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  1. I think that it’s great that the NLA are going to the trouble of putting together these great Videos. I speak to a lot of Landlords in charge of HMOs and many of them are often confused about their fire safety responsibilities, so the more information available to them the better.

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