Calling exceptional women in property

Juliet Ashton, NLA Property Woman of the Year 2010

Do you know a woman working in property who goes beyond the call of duty to help out her tenants and provide them with good homes?

Then why not nominate them for the NLA Property Women Awards 2012 – celebrating the most dedicated women in the private-rented sector.

The awards will recognise female landlords right across the UK – with 11 regional awards along with six principal awards.  They will include the NLA Green Property Woman Award, for those making significant energy efficiency and environmental improvements to their properties, NLA Young Property Woman Award, recognising the achievements of young women under 30.  Other categories include NLA Letting Agent Property Woman Award, NLA Local Authority Property Woman, and new for 2012, the NLA Third Sector Property Woman Award, for those operating within the ‘third sector’ such as charities or housing associations.

The NLA Property Woman of the Year 2012 – the overall winner – will be selected from the regional and principal categories.

Juliet Ashton was named NLA Property Woman of the Year in 2010 and says being a landlord can sometimes be challenging:

“I feel very strongly as a landlord that I am in a privileged position to be able to do something practical to help in our society. We can’t help everyone of course, but if we all helped someone it would be amazing.”

“No one congratulates you when you do a good job but you can be sure you will be criticised if you don’t. At the time I entered the awards I had had a difficult year one way or another and yet had managed to tackle every situation along the way and really felt I wanted to share some of my experiences to encourage others who were going through difficult times with their property.”

Since winning the award, Juliet’s business has gone from strength to strength:

“One of the first things I did was to name the business ‘Jabez Homes’.  I have added another property to my portfolio and also managed some properties for other people. The award gave me confidence to do more of what I was already doing and I have taken challenging tenants with mental health, drug and alcohol problems.”

“I see my tenants as extended family. Some are living in a foreign country and so I want to be an ambassador to them and do things well, to they feel someone is looking out for them.”

If you know any female making a difference in the PRS, why not nominate them for an award?  You can download nomination forms from our website at and entries close on the 25th June 2012.

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