3 thoughts on “Lights, camera action…NLA Property Women Awards end for another year…

  1. It was a lovely event and I was doubly proud when the NLA Young Property Woman 2010 came from my region and sat on my table.

    Well done NLA and all the sponsors for giving women in property these awards to aspire to.

    It can be a lonely business and, for a woman on her own, a tough one. It was wonderful to sit in a room full of successful woman who had made it regardless. You are all winners, well done ladies.

  2. I think all of us ‘lady landlords ‘ were inspired by the commitment from the award finalists.

    There had to be winners but that does not mean that all those who entered were any less deserving.

    Thank you ladies for supporting it by entering, Thank you NLA for recognising that we are a little special and Thank you to The Sponsors for making it possible.

    —and yes, male landlords, we know you do a brilliant job as well but , be honest, can you multitask?????

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