England 1 – Scotland 0: anything but a draw!

David Kendall, NLA Scotland

To suggest I am an avid football fan would be somewhat inaccurate. However, as an Englishman living in Scotland it has been intriguing to observe the reaction to Saturday’s World Cup result.

The truth for me is that I was more interested in the result earlier on last week when common sense prevailed and English landlords gained a resounding victory with Grant Shapps’ announcement that plans for the landlord register are to be scrapped.

Scotland did not qualify for the World Cup, nor does Scotland currently qualify for the abolition of Landlord Registration.  Indeed, it could be the exact opposite with more legislation and more red tape for Scottish landlords on the cards.

Come on Scottish Government, it’s time to admit defeat – landlord registration is not working, that’s why England are not going to follow us.  The vast majority of Scottish landlords are good, decent, honest, hard working individuals who contribute to an essential part of Scotland’s housing market.  We don’t need more paperwork and more beaucracy!

On Sunday morning I was reminded by one hopeful English fan that in 1966 the England team only managed a draw in their first match…

There’s going to be an election in Scotland next year, Minister. Why not take the lead now and score a goal for Scottish landlords?  Come on, we might even cheer for you at the 2011 match!

Scotland 1 – England 1

One thought on “England 1 – Scotland 0: anything but a draw!

  1. Well said! I have absolutely no interest in the footie but as a landlord myself I due resent the fact that I have paid out of my profit to register myself and all my properties and I really don’t get anything in return. Those who haven’t bothered to register don’t seem to suffer any penalities. Come on Scotland – sometimes the english do have some good ideas!

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