Time for new tenants?

As any responsible landlord will tell you there is little point in removing a tenant just to replace them with another. However, just like the bond between the voters and politicians, when the relationship between landlord and tenant looks to be breaking down, it’s time for everyone involved to consider their options.

As Crown freehold it is probably a stretch to call 10 Downing Street a rental property – but whatever its status – at time of writing it is anybody’s guess who will take up the tenancy next. Stretching the analogy to breaking point, the electorate, acting as letting agent for Her Majesty, has had a good look at the prospective tenants, taken some references and found it uncharacteristically difficult to decide between the two main potential candidates/tenants.

It is no wonder that both Mr Cameron and Mr Brown would like the keys to Downing Street. Number 10 is a very desirable property, good location, close to work, excellent schools and very easy to get shot of your neighbours (the Chancellor and Chief Whip) if they prove a little too rowdy further down the line.

So it is now up to Mr Cameron and Mr Brown to make a case for themselves to the landlord. Neither has a clear cut majority in that other Crown Property (the Palace of Westminster) to fall back on. This means that sub-letting a room to Mr Clegg or Mr Cable may be necessary…

If the property is not properly secured in the short-term squatters are a real possibility. There may even be a risk of gazumping if one of Mr Brown’s colleagues thinks they would stand a better chance of getting an offer accepted.

So…What happens next? Well it is still uncertain, but one thing is for sure, with so much tenant demand, this is one property which will not suffer voids any time soon.

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