Landlords are mainly Tory voters…but some might vote BNP(!)

A revelation from the Young Group this week, most landlords think the Conservatives will offer the greatest benefit to the UK rental market.

Now I’m all for ‘headline-grabbing’ research, but is anyone surprised by this latest news?

We’re about to publish a question that we commissioned from BDRC. And this really was a revelation!

‘Which political party do you think understands and has the right vision for the private-rented sector?’

The result:

  • Con – 39%
  • Lab – 19%
  • Lib Dem – 10%
  • UKIP – 3%
  • Green Party – 2%
  • BNP – 2%
  • SNP – 1%
  • Plaid – 1%
  • DUP – <1%
  • Other – 23%

Can someone tell me what vision the BNP is offering to the UK rental market?

Answers on a postcard…and quickly too, there’s an Election on…

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