Housing Minister comes clean…

The Housing Minister was before a House of Commons Select Committee earlier this month.

We just got our hands on the transcript and it makes for interesting reading (especially, Question 62 onwards).

The real nugget is Question 67:

“Q67 Mr Slaughter: I appreciate we have an election coming, we are all aware of that, but putting that to one side just for the moment, as Housing Minister what would you like to see as the next step in reform of the private rented market?

John Healey: I would like to see institutional investors allowing us to build more good quality, well managed private rented homes to help meet the need that will undoubtedly grow and is undoubtedly already there. I would like to see the worst of the private sector landlords stamped out, and some of the steps I have taken already will allow local councils to do that. I would like to see those who live in the private rented sector as tenants with more information, better back up and better able to deal with their landlord if there are problems. On each of those fronts we are working to put that sort of approach in place.”

If ever you wondered what Mr Healey was up to…here it is in black and white.

How will the plans on the table stamp out the worst of the private sector landlords? THEY WON’T.

Are councils going to be given extra resource to try and do this? NO, THEY’RE NOT.

Will the Government ever see landlords as part of the housing solution and not part of the problem? PROBABLY NOT.

Yeah okay, it’s election time. But here at Landlord Party HQ, we think it’s about time the Government took a reality check.

Mr Healey, all landlords need is a ‘thank you’. For all the people they house – just say thanks. Pretty please.

2 thoughts on “Housing Minister comes clean…

  1. Thanks to the NLA for getting hold of this information. We are on opposite sides of the fence but there’s no denying that I wouldn’t be nearly so up to speed with the landlord sector if it wasn’t for you.

    Miss Sharon Crossland AIRPM
    Leasehold Life

  2. What a shame landlords can’t go on strike. If the minors saw fit to do so during a war there is no reason why we should be ashamed. One week of no private rented accommodation is all it would take to make the point.

    Actually most of us are far to decent to see human beings on the streets so perhaps not.

    They can clone living creatures but they can’t clone land. Our day will come.

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