Minister for Landlords?

There are 96 trillion blogs in the world already.* Did you know that? I reckon almost all of them are started with great gusto and then people lose interest…so why is the National Landlords Association even bothering?

It’s a chance for a slightly more informal look at what’s going on in the housing market and the private-rented sector. There will be various people contributing from across the NLA and we hope it will give little insights about what we might be thinking and – more importantly – what we’re doing to try and stick up for landlords. After all, they seem to be on the ‘at risk’ list at the moment with all these daft Government proposals, don’t they?

But here’s some fun to kick off with.

Minister for Housing, John Healey MP, has been named ‘Minister for Landlords’. Apparently the country’s pubs need our very own ‘Man at the Ministry’:

What might Mr Healey be suggesting in this glorified new role?

  1. National Register of Drinkers. Every British adult who consumes more than three units of alcohol per week must attend their local town hall and register as a Drinker. No exceptions. Except for MPs.
  2. Pint Puller Accreditation Schemes. Have you ever had too much head on your pint? Or, perhaps, not enough? Not from now on. Mr Healey will ensure that bar staff all over the country complete 15 hours of training and development per pulling year.
  3. Bar Snack Risk Assessment. Pickled onions and pork scratchings are all very well. But danger lurks beneath. Crowns can be expensive to replace and Mr Healey will ensure that only soft bar snacks can be purchased easily. Harder bar snacks will be gradually phased out. And then the Tories will bring them back in. Simple.
  4. Energy Drink Performance Certificates. Caffeine-fueled beverages will need a certificate to prove their effectiveness. Drinkers wanting to know how they will feel after they’ve consumed the drink can ask for the certificate which must be kept behind the bar.

That’s enough for today. Feedback very welcome and I promise it will get (slightly) more serious at times.

If there’s something interesting we should be writing about then let us know and we’ll also be pointing you towards other bloggers.

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Happy Fridays!

* I made the figure up.

3 thoughts on “Minister for Landlords?

  1. Congratulations on getting the blog going – am sure it is going to be a very useful source of advice and support. Good way also to organise a landlords’ strike so we can get even with this wretched Government! Think a piece on proposed planning permission for multi-lets would generate some good content…

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